• Cherie Paolucci

Airy Lake House Entryway

The entryway to a home says everything about what to expect beyond that point. It gives you an idea of the feel and style the homeowners are trying to convey to their guests.

When this lake home was purchased, the immediate purpose was to get the house usable. Because the owners wanted to be able to use the house immediately, design was not at the top of the priority list.

Years later, it was finally time to make the house what they wanted. Something airy, lite and very welcoming. When you start with a fairly blank slate, ideas can just come flooding. Small changes can make a big impact.

For this lake house entry, it also had to be extremely functional. This is where everyone throws their stuff when they arrive and it can start to look a little disheveled if it doesn't have somewhere to go.

One easy way to make a huge impact is paint. It is such an easy way to make a space feel completely new. Since this room had to be completely functional, I searched for a storage solution that would hide everything from games to bags to coats. Adding little touches to convey the feel of the house will always make it feel warm and inviting. This could be pictures, furniture, rugs or accent pieces.

Once you put it all together, it looks like a completely different house!


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