• Cherie Paolucci

Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror Makeover

When most people think about upgrading a space they immediately see dollar signs. Until recently, upgrading any area of your home, would have cost a pretty penny. But thanks to all the DIYers out there willing to share their tricks of the trade, homeowners are able to do hundreds of upgrades on their own without it breaking the bank.

I had the opportunity to do a major overhaul on a bathroom vanity and mirror with a dear friend of mine, Kathleen, from Brushoffaithdesigns.com. This makeover was done with Wise Owl One Hour Enamel. The process was super simple and the end result was beautiful!

We cleaned the surface to make sure all of the dust was removed. This is an important step otherwise the primer/paint won't adhere properly! We didn't bother using painters tape on the mirror because you can very easily scrape any mishaps off the glass when you are finished.

Two coats of Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer in White were applied. This was a darker piece so doing two coats gave us the extra coverage we were looking for.

Then 3 coats of Wise Owl One Hour Enamel in Snow Owl were applied. We went with 3 because both of us are a little type-A and we wanted it to come out perfect! In most cases you would probably only need two.

Then the fun stuff! We applied Wise Owl Glaze in Black Walnut. This is where you can really get your creative juices flowing. I was looking for a more antiqued look so we really went heavy with the Glaze in the corners, but also put a little in any of the grooves we could. You apply the Glaze with a foam art brush. Let is sit for about 15 seconds and start wiping off. The longer you let it sit the more you have to work to get it off, but it WILL come off so don't worry.

I tried different techniques and came out with a very uniform look. After letting the cabinet and mirror sit, we finished the project with Wise Owl Varnish. Just brush it on and you are done!

I chose Wise Owl products because they are amazing, have beautiful colors and is environmentally friendly. The entire Wise Owl product line is built upon their green focus - free of harsh chemicals and solvents. Their Chalk Synthesis Paint has zero VOCs and all of their waxes are solvent free and made from local beeswax. Want more? They are produced without unnecessary fillers or preservatives! Amazing!

I loved the process and the outcome from using Wise Owl products. I already have a huge list of projects throughout our house that will have Wise Owl on them in the near future!

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