• Cherie Paolucci

Elegant and Functional Pantry Design

I did a complete basement remodel and one of the must-haves was a pantry area to store dry goods, small appliances and miscellaneous items. It wasn't going to be the type of pantry that was hidden behind dark, ominous doors. It was going to be open, light and functional. A showpiece.

Once the pantry was framed out, I found two freestanding cabinets at Home Depot that had shelves, solid drawers and wire drawers for keeping pretty much anything. Once they were installed, there was enough room on either side to add hooks to the walls to hang items that may not have fit well on the shelves.

The other side of the pantry was done with Elfa Shelving from the Container Store. I used Elfa because it is so easy to use and versatile. The shelving can be moved or changed out completely if you want a different look.

Once the shelving was in, all of the items were organized and a few extra details were added.

The end result? A beautiful, functional pantry that can be changed up as needed to support the family's needs.


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