• Cherie Paolucci

Favorite interior design articles around the web

I love perusing the internet for design articles. I love reading, I love learning new things and finding new ideas to implement in mine or a client's projects.

Here are a few that I have found recently that I think you may enjoy!

This is an article on the key principles of interior design. Simple, but true.

This one gives an idea of what will be out this year and what is going to be a splash. Hint: out with the cool grey colors and in with new, cool colors and bold statements. FUN!

Love this!

Another article to reinforce what is OUT this year. I agree with all except #5. This space is being used more and more by families to incorporate as much family time into the day as possible. The kids can do their homework while the parents prep and cook meals, friends hang out while their hosts are prepping. If planned correctly an island can have more than enough storage.


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