• Cherie Paolucci

This kid's reading nook was possible because of a minimalistic lifestyle!

Over the last year of so I have been trying to make some serious changes to the way we live our lives. One huge change we have been making is trying to become as minimalist as we can.

For years I would constantly reorganize our closets and move things around so it wouldn't look like we had too much stuff. However, if you opened some of our closets, you took the chance of being buried under lots of who-knows-what. We are not hoarders by any means, but after being in our home for nine years and having twins, things accumulate.

I'm not done with the process of clearing out our home yet, but we are making great strides, weekend by weekend. This project is one that gives me great excitement for things to come for all of our spaces once I really hunker down and get this done.

This particular closet is the one that stored EVERYTHING. Amazon boxes that hadn't been opened yet, travel supplies, kids extra art supplies, extra decor items, etc. After about the 373 time of "organizing" this space I pulled out the items we used all the time and literally filled box after box with the rest of the contents and donated them. I didn't even think twice about it.

When I was done, there was a beautiful empty shell just begging to be made functional.

We painted the cedar, hung all the shelving on one side of the closet, changed the lighting, added artwork, books and cozy pillows. Simple. Inexpensive. Happy.


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